• Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

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Your Saturday Kick: These teams could really use a Game 4 win

Your Saturday Kick: These teams could really use a Game 4 win

Looking at you…[ahem] … LA, Colorado, Sporting KC, Charlotte, CF Montréal, Vancouver, New York, Toronto and any team you want to throw in here that is pretty much planted out of the gate with varying degrees of surprise. Seriously, SKC, CF Montréal and Colorado haven’t even scored yet. SKC and Colorado should especially feel bad about it.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy has looked completely out of place and as if the list really couldn’t be good enough. The Red Bulls have sprung up and seem to really, really, really need new DP forward Dante Vanzeir to settle in now that he’s starting to work his way into the starting lineup. Charlotte is… honestly a bit of a mess right now. Vancouver are good enough but do so as they refuse to start properly (again). Toronto has not looked up to the challenge and is already dealing with injuries in a squad that looked thin to begin with.

It’s strange how many teams already feel they should consider moving towards the panic button. Things change quickly here though. Today would be a great day to start that process for each of these teams. The 2023 season has started now and they should really consider playing like this.