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Nick Bosa not at 49ers’ facility; status for Week 1 in doubt amid contract dispute

ByGuillermo Garcia

Sep 6, 2023
Nick Bosa not at 49ers' facility; status for Week 1 in doubt amid contract dispute

Given the path traveled to this point, the standoff might last a few more weeks. 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan already admitted he could envision a scenario in which Bosa misses multiple games, and if Bosa is willing to remain absent for a season opener against a cornerstone NFL franchise, what’s one or two more missed games when future millions are at stake?

Bosa initially stated in June he felt “pretty confident” he and the 49ers would agree to terms on a massive extension by the start of training camp. After winning the top defensive award in a career year in 2022, there wasn’t much more Bosa could do to make himself worth showering with new cash. However, as time has passed and Bosa has remained absent, the concern has gradually increased.

If there were a scale for stress and/or panic regarding star player absences, this case has surpassed the median. Bosa plays a huge part in San Francisco’s fantastic defense. His pass-rushing can’t simply be replicated by one or two replacements. And if family history is a reliable indicator — older brother Joey held out before signing his rookie deal with the Chargers in 2016, then waited until the start of training camp to sign his massive extension in 2020 — this could continue to drag on.

Unless general manager John Lynch and Bosa’s representatives strike a deal in the next 48 hours, they’ll need to find a solution for Week 1 without him.