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NFL tied as four 1-5 teams win in historic Week 7, 30 teams enter Week 8 with 2+ wins

ByGuillermo Garcia

Oct 25, 2023 ,

While 1-5 teams went 4-1 on Sunday, 5-1 teams went just 2-3 (Chiefs and Eagles won; Lions, Dolphins and 49ers lost). Because of course they did.

The results left the league confused in the middle.

Two teams (Kansas City, Philadelphia) have six wins. Two teams (Carolina, Arizona) have six losses. Over 30 clubs have at least two wins (second most all-time through seven contests, behind 31 in 2002). The 28 teams with multiple wins and multiple losses after the first seven games are tied for second-most all-time (2005).

The competitive balance of the NFL means that any given week any team can win and lose. It also means that even in the darkest of times for a club, a few good weeks in a row can shine a light.

In Week 8, can the Panthers get their first win? Will Denver finally end their 17 game losing streak against KC? Who is really in Jaguars-Steelers and Browns-Seahawks, a pair of double-headers? Which New Jersey team wins the Battle of the Big Apple?

Chances are this Sunday’s results will do little to clarify the haves and have-nots. This is why we love the NFL.