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Matt LaFleur: Packers’ faith in QB Jordan Love ‘unwavering’

ByGuillermo Garcia

Oct 24, 2023
Matt LaFleur: Packers' faith in QB Jordan Love 'unwavering'

With injuries hampering a young offense, head coach Matt LaFleur reiterated the confidence the Packers have in Love.

“It all works together, so the better everybody is around him, the better he’s going to look,” LaFleur said Monday, via ESPN . “Our confidence in him doesn’t waver at all. Of course, as an actor, you put a lot of responsibility on yourself when things don’t go well and we’ll keep going, but we have to. find a way to create more points because when you’re creating points, then it’s just a whole different narrative.”

Every quarterback is better with pieces around him, but the upper level also raises the level of play of whoever is on the field. We haven’t seen enough of that from Love early in his first campaign as a starter.

There have been flashes — a second-half performance against New Orleans and Sunday’s comeback bid to take the lead before the poor finish — but Love will have to put together four innings for the Packers to get back into contention.

We’ve seen Green Bay rally in recent seasons, but it had a certified future Hall of Fame quarterback under center. Can love continue to conjure up the same magic?

After Minnesota’s great win on Monday night, the 8th division game between the Vikings and the Packers is imminent. A loss to Green Bay would put the season in serious jeopardy.