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Chiefs WR Kadarius Toney not dwelling on Week 1 drops: ‘I know I could have made those plays’

ByGuillermo Garcia

Sep 16, 2023
Chiefs WR Kadarius Toney not dwelling on Week 1 drops: 'I know I could have made those plays'

Toney had one reception (one yard) off five targets in Week 1, dropping a total of three passes in Kansas City’s 21-20 loss to the Detroit Lions. Toney’s first drop of the night was perhaps the most crucial as it went right through his hands and into those of Lions safety Brian Branch, who sprinted 50 yards the other way for a touchdown.

Toney’s wide-open drop in the fourth quarter — a would-be big gain for a field-turning first down — was just as deflating as it helped prevent Kansas City from making a late-minute comeback during its final drive of the night.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes backed Toney in the immediate aftermath of the Week 1 loss and head coach Andy Reid furthered the support this week by saying the receiver needed even more playing time to get himself back up to par.

“Just settle down, just be the person I am,” Toney said of what Reid and Mahomes told him this past week. “Never try to overdo or overstep what I normally do … Don’t try to be a superhero.

“Both of those guys, they’ve got trust. They’ve got faith in me and I appreciate those guys for that.”

One bad game seemingly erased from the collective memory all the good Toney had done for the Chiefs. Acquired from the Giants in a mid-season trade last year, Toney was instrumental in Kansas City’s win in Super Bowl LVII, catching a TD pass in the game and helping set up a crucial fourth-quarter score with his thrilling 65-yard punt return.

But the 10-day long wait is nearly over for Toney to remind everyone as the Chiefs go on the road to face the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team K.C. knocked off during its 2022 Super Bowl run. It’s a game Toney has been thinking of since having one of his worst nights in the league.

“I’m always just moving forward,” Toney said. “I’m thinking about the next weekend, how I can make plays in the upcoming week. I’m never dwelling on the past.”