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Chiefs TE Travis Kelce pleads for DE Chris Jones’ return: ‘Chris, can you please come back? You’re really scaring me, man’ 

ByGuillermo Garcia

Sep 1, 2023
Chiefs TE Travis Kelce pleads for DE Chris Jones' return: 'Chris, can you please come back? You're really scaring me, man' 

With the kickoff closing in, the situation is going from curious status to Defcon 2.

It’s one of the biggest storylines heading into the season.

Kicking off Season 2 of the New Heights show with Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce (Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment), the NFL’s favorite brothers discussed Jones’ situation. Travis underscored Jones’ importance, with Jason jokingly suggesting Jones should sit out most of the season.

The entire back-and-forth merits highlighting — and worth a watch, as always.

Jason: “Is there any updates on Chris Jones? How he’s handling this situation? Do you want to talk about it?

Travis: “Ah man, Chris, can you please come back? You’re really scaring me, man. I don’t get it. You must know something that I don’t know because I just don’t get it. I really want to get another Super Bowl ring with you, brother. This is me bargaining you to just come back and play football for the Chiefs. Please, we need you. We need you bad. And I don’t know what the situation is.”

Jason: “Well, I think the situation is you guys aren’t paying him enough, and I think he should hold off as long as possible, especially past, when do we play? Week 10. Week 10!”

Travis: “Jason, (expletive) you, I’m trying to get him back in the office.”

Jason: “Don’t let them do this to you, Chris. You need to hold STRONG, my man! For all the other D-tackles in the NFL. You cannot take this injustice. You must stay (away) through at least the Eagles game, and then you can come back. I think that’s the appropriate time — it’s just a coincidence.”

Travis: “He’s the best defensive player in the league right now. He’s deserving of all the money in the world. Chris, I love you, please come back. Now.”

Sandwiched around Jason’s gag seems sincere concern on Travis’ part, even if it’s draped in jokified wrapping paper. K.C. isn’t the same defense without Jones’ massive contribution in the middle. Travis and the rest of the Chiefs know this.