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Bears HC Matt Eberflus discusses Chase Claypool’s struggles vs. Packers; Week 2 status unclear

ByGuillermo Garcia

Sep 13, 2023
Bears HC Matt Eberflus discusses Chase Claypool's struggles vs. Packers; Week 2 status unclear

Perhaps it was a matter of Claypool — a former second-round pick of the Steelers playing in his fourth season — failing to adjust to live game speed. He certainly looked as if he was a step slow.

“He displayed good technique in practice,” Eberflus said of Claypool, per Shaw Local News.

Claypool received an awful grade from Pro Football Focus for his Week 1 performance, posting a 43.2. He’s had an occasional clunker each year in his career, but this performance stands as his worst, beating out his previous low of 43.5, earned back in Week 7 of his rookie season back in 2020.

Claypool is years removed from just getting his feet wet in the NFL. One could suggest his struggles could have been health related, seeing as Claypool went to the medical tent during the game, but Eberflus shut down such thoughts Wednesday, explaining the medical staff never reported an injury for Claypool.

Eberflus remained cagey when asked whether Chicago might consider entering Week 2’s game against the Buccaneers (1-0) without Claypool on the active game-day roster, delivering a general response that the staff was evaluating everything.

After a blowout loss to a Packers team that was finally supposed to be beatable, everything should be on the table for the Bears.

We’ll see if change is ahead for Chicago in Week 2.